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RHR Miniature and Toy Australian Shepherds

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Updated 2/28/2016

We held back many pups from our lines last few years (late 2013-into 2014).
We are just now, starting to pick through and deciding which pups will be the best fit for our program.
It is a very difficult decision! We love them all but it is time to start making some decisions.
We have listed a few older pups and young adults here.
Some of these pups are the third or forth generation of our lines.

If you see a something you like, please read the description.
Although, wonderful dogs, adult dogs are not as easy to shape and mold to your likings like a puppy is.
IF you looking for an older pup or adult be sure to match yourself with the personality of the dog rather than the looks.

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Pictured at 5 months

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Pictured at 3 months

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Pictured at 9 weeks

Cody is pending

DOB: October 7th 2013
Cody $500 pet
$1250 breeding
Slate Blue Merle intact Male
Strong copper points and a full collar
One Full Blue Eye and One Marbled Blue/Brown Eye

Cody is a very sweet dog! He loves kids!
Although, he can get excited and bark when he wants to play or at feeding times.
He prefers to be outside in a large yard over being in the house.
Although he does enjoy sitting on the couch every now and then.
He is crate trained.

We kept back over 4 boys from our last few litters and it is time to thin the pack.

Cody has sired a litter of pups for us and they are some of the nicest pups.

Out of TMR Veronica and our boy Tony
Veronica5May09 Tony 2yrs

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Congratulations Ila!!!
You are going to love this precious girl!
Ava is headed to Alberta, Canada

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Riley is going to Louisiana!
Congratulations to the Patton Family!
Riley is a handsome boy!
You are going to love this affectionate young man!

Please email us for additional information on any of the dogs listed.
Thank you


Are you ready to purchase a Puppy/Dog? Here is what's next!
1. All you have to do is send us an email, to let us know which one you want! 
If you have any questions, we’d be more than happy to help you. 
If you just can't decide, tell us what you're looking for and we can help you pick the best match for you and your family! 
•With older pups and adults is it imperative that we match the dog to the best home for them.
   2. The next step is to send a deposit. 
The deposit is $200 on puppies under $1000.  Puppies over $1000 the deposit is $500. 
This will hold the puppy until he/she is ready to go.  Please note, deposits are  non refundable and non transferable. 
    If you would like to pay with PayPal you can send the money to our paypal account.   
ALWAYS Contact us before you send a deposit and make sure I still have the puppy you're looking at.
Our website is kept current but sometimes all the puppies get snapped up in a single day.

   3. After the remaining balance is paid and the puppy is of age and maturity to go to their forever homes:

For the Dallas Ft Worth area:
We will try to set up a mutually convenient time and a place to meet for you to collect your puppy.

Within reasonable driving distance of Sulphur Springs, Texas:
We will try to meet you half-way.

Beyond reasonable driving distance:
We will set a date for you puppy to be shipped to your local airport.
    We know it sounds complicated and scary, but it can be easier on the puppies than driving for hours. 
    When booking, we will do our best to find a mutually convenient day for the puppy to fly to an airport near you.
We will setup everything up for you!  We’ve been using Delta Airlines with great success. If the weather is too hot or too cold sometimes it may take a few extra days to secure a flight.
Shipping includes an airline safe crate (perfect for crate training and potty training once you’ve got your little cutie home with you), a health certificate & certificate of acclimation, a final vet check, etc. Each situation is different, but the consistent shipping rate for us is $350 in addition to the full price of the puppy.

Please, email us if you have further questions


Don't see what you want?
Many of our puppies are picked by people with advance deposits and are never shown on our website.

Accepting advance deposits of $250 for future litters.
Those who place an advance deposit will be able to select their puppies first.
Starting with the order deposits were received.
When we have a litter those with advance deposits can choose a puppy or wait for the next litter.
As people on the top of the list choose a puppy, people farther down the list will move up.
Once you pick your puppy, 1/2 the price of the is due at that time and the remaining balance will be due 1 week prior to shipping along with shipping fees OR if meeting for pickup the remaining balance is due in cash.

Advance deposits are fully refundable, until you choose a puppy.
Once you choose a puppy that puppy will no longer be available and we will send you a contract to complete the deposit process and set up a pickup location or shipping details.
Please remember that shipping costs are in addition to the cost of the puppy.

Returning Customers
We are happy to give our returning customers a $100 discount when they buy their 2nd, or 3rd or 4th puppy from us.

Two puppies ship for the same price as one
If you buy 2 puppies at the same time, they can be shipped together.