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Puppy Profiles
Updated May 7th 2015 at 9am

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ASDR Registered

Cinnamon is my husbands shadow, she just adores him and enjoys snuggling with him at the end of the day.
Cinna has fabulous manners and is our resident cheerleader, always the first to greet visitors.
Everyone who see's is surprised by her small size and big dog brains.

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ASDR Pending

Cody 13" tall & 17lbs. Blue Merle with rich copper points.
Full shinny coat.
Cody is 2nd Generation of our lines.

Cody's Sire: Tony
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Cody's Grandsire: Levi
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Born on January 24th Planning on the pups going to their forever homes at the end of March. NOW Scheduling go home dates.

This TOY litter should mature between 11”-14”

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Rosie is going to Mansfield, Texas!
Congratulations Laurie!
We are so happy for you all!

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Steele is going to Louisiana!
Congratulations to the Richard's Family!
Steele is handsome boy! You are going to love this little man!

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Chloe is going to Missouri
Congratulations to the Schniehers Family!
Chloe is special little gal and will be an outstanding companion!

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Blue is going to Prosper, Texas
Congratulations to the Drew Family
You are going to have so much fun with this little charmer!

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Button is going to McKinney, Texas
Congratulations Savannah
You are going to adore this precious girl!

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Shipping includes an airline safe crate (perfect for crate training and potty training once you’ve got your little cutie home with you), a health certificate & certificate of acclimation, a final vet check, etc. Each situation is different but the consistent shipping rate for us is $350 in addition to the full price of the puppy.

Please, email us if you have further questions

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