RHR Miniature and Toy Australian Sheperds

Sulphur Springs, Texas

RHR Miniature and Toy Australian Shepherds

Testimonials of happy puppy parents

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Day Two in forever home: Just wanted to let you know how well Juliet has done!!! She made the ride home without a problem or a whimper in my arms – thank goodness she doesn’t weigh much!! Haha! And last night because Nik was SO amped up when we got home I decided to have her sleep in her crate we got her – I figured that we’d never get Nik to settle down with Juliet on the bed… Any way – I put her in her crate with her toy and a blanket, she whimpered for about 3 minutes and went sound to sleep. She woke me up at about 5:30 to go outside and potty, then went back to sleep in her bed without a sound and slept til about 10:15 this morning!! Then she ate a little and Nik began to obsess over her… He wants soooo badly to play with her. She stands up for herself tho’ and won’t let him push her around!! She’s sooo cute!!! I think once the “newness” of her wears off, they’ll be fine together. But in the meantime – my lap is the “safe house” for her!! I want to thank you again for allowing us to adopt Juliet – she is such a little sweetie and has melted James’ and my hearts!! I’ll send pictures in a few days, ok? We’ll stay in touch and I’ll let you know all her milestones and how she’s growing, ok? Thank you again!!
Sacramento, California
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Ranger formally known as Wrangler

Just wanted to let you know that Ranger is doing great! He has been a dream at night....no crying from day one, and we are now down to only having to get up once to let him out to go potty. Yea! He is quickly learning to play fetch, and is already doing pretty well with the "sit" command. We are working hard on the no mouthing/nipping thing, and I am sure that will come in time as he grows and learns. If you have any suggestions, let me know. We are not rewarding nipping by stopping all play when he nips until he settles down. He is really a wonderful pup, and people are amazed at how well-behaved he already is at such a young age! Take care and thanks again,
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One week in forever home: "He has settled in very well. He is so smart and watches our two Aussies and does what they do. He has progressed well with crate training and housetraining. He has easily fit it with our family... He has his own place in our bedroom already. We are so lucky...Thanks again."
Roseville, California
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Thumbs up! Excellent puppy inspection!!! Entire Vet Clinic Staff all wanted to keep her ;-)
Kendra & Maizey Rose Tennesee
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Thank you so much for our wonderful little guy! Shaka (formerly known as Conor) had a wonderful first evening and night with us. His temperament is amazing and he adjusted quickly to his new home. He is the perfect little puppy and we know that is due greatly to his first 8 weeks with you. Thank you again!!
The Kimball Family California

Day Two in forever home: She is doing great. I take her everywhere with me except work. she's playing with her leash right now. She's a quick learner she already comes whenI call, whines when she has to go to the bathroom and she almost knows how to sit on command.
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Everyone always says how pretty she is and that she is so sweet. A little on the spoiled side fer sure. And the best for last. She is such a velcro dog. Always by my side.
Natelie of Runnin Wild Aussies • Roy, Washington

Foxie X Levi

1st Week at forever home:
OMG I can't possibly express how wonderful my new puppy is!!! Tasha
is now named Echo as she is an identical yet smaller version of my
other full sized Aussie. She is already pottie trained!!! She has
only pee'd in the house once and that was after we got back from the
Vet's and my son forgot to open the door for her. She has never
pooped in the house. Unbelievable!!! I thought my original Aussie
was the best dog ever (and many people agree), but I have to say,
Echo is as wonderful, if not better!!!
2nd Week:
Echo continues to astound. She doesn't bark,
she is very responsive and is such a quick learner and so eager to
please. Also, she is so beautiful that she is a show stopper. We
can't wait until she has her next vaccine and then be able to walk
with her downtown. I know we won't get five feet without someone
stopping us to comment on her. She is an absolute joy.
Thank you so much,